29 January 2012


Beliefs: God, love at first sight, pre-marital sex, babies out of wedlock, peace :)

Disbeliefs: abortion, war, drugs, shooting up with needles, anything that can kill someone

Statement: In 10 years I hope to be very happily married! I want to have 1 kid and adopt 2.

I want to have a well-paying job & I want my Husband to have a well-paying job!

I want to live in a big house in the country with 10 mustangs. I also want a vacation home in the Bahamas!

I want to go to France for 2 years. I studied it (French) for 2 years (going on my 3rd year).

I hope to have gotten all of this mess behind me and be finished with it all!

I never want to see my family again.